About us

Ziva Communities Initiative is a non-profit organisation

Focused on strengthening value chains within the agricultural and mining sector. We are an organisation working to improve the livelihood of small-scale grower’s communities through stakeholder interventions and strategic partnerships.

Artisanal Miners are at the base of the extractive production pyramid, they are the less influential, less educated and environmentally challenged source of wealth for the raw materials industry. Their level of awareness is directly proportional to how they manage their communities. Some of these communities are prone to health hazards, gender inequality, child labour, malnutrition and crime

Our intervention is to become the bridge and the voice of concern that will ensure these miners get  the best of their labour while improving the overall economy of the country.

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Our Vision

A sustainable community where artisans are developed and empowered for growth in a friendly mining ecosystem

Our Mission

Enhance the contribution of artisanal miners to community development by fostering ethical behavior, social responsibility, and inclusion through partnerships, advocacy, education, and innovation.

Our Focus

Our work is focused on 3 thematic areas

We consistently engage government agencies, mining associations and leaders of cooperatives to ensure they understand impact of each regulatory proposition. We also provide a guidance for change management in the system, and encourage continuous dialogue among all stakeholders

We provide professional advice on the fastest legal road to market, helping miners achieve a faster turn over period. We also provide knowledge on latest technologies that will help them maximise mining sites and improve yield. Furthermore we provide financial literacy for miners to ensure sustained growth.

We work with authorities and experts to support safer mining practices, which protect the environment and the mining community, specifically; encourage adn protect women, discourage child labour, and advocate for worker's right and accomomdation of disabled people in the community